25 November 2008

Flying With Fish Has Moved To BoardingArea.com!

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25/11/2008 – Flying With Fish Has Moved To BoardingArea.com!

For the past two years Flying With Fish has floated along on Blogger. Blogger has been a good home, however today as the tide rolls in Flying With Fish has moved to swim among a new school of flyers.

As of today Flying With Fish has swum over to BoardingArea. Don't worry; you'll still be able to float on by at www.flyingwithfish.com

The old links to posts will remain available on the old blog, so no need to change anything. For those of you who have Flying With Fish bookmarked, or on an RSS Feed, please change the direct URL to : http://boardingarea.com/blogs/flyingwithfish/

How does moving Flying With Fish over to BoardingArea improve your experience as a reader? You'll have easy access many other fantastic blogs focused on commercial air travel. While Flying With Fish is the only blog frequently discussing topics relevant to travelling photographers, the other blogs are well written, interesting and helpful to anyone flying for work or pleasure.

As a traveler, I personally enjoy reading The Cranky Flier blog.

Thanks for your support of Flying With Fish as it grew in its old home and thank you for your continued support as we move to a new home at BoardingArea.

I hope to get all settled in shortly, and look forward to continuing to write Flying With Fish from its new home.

Happy Flying!


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