30 June 2008

Mountainsmith Bag Give Away Deadline Extended!

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30/6/2008 - Mountainsmith Bag Give Away Deadline Extended!

Last week I announced "The Great Mountainsmith Bag Give Away From Flying With Fish," with a deadline of the 7th of July.

Well last week got away with me with a few trips to the Emergency Room to deal with my tearing of a large group of lower abdominal muscles. As you can imagine I didn't have much energy to much.....like sit up and use a computer. Thanks to the miracle of medicine (and Doctor #3s ability to do a thorough exam and actual find the cause of my searing pain) I am on the mend and back to work!

...........what does this mean for the readers of Flying With Fish? It means my injury just bought you all an extra week to send me your 'worst case scenario' travel situations!

Rather than the July 7th deadline you now have until you have until July 14th!

For full details on how to win a Mountainsmith Parallax Backpack ; Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack; Mountainsmith Cyber II Pouch check out this post:
26/6/2008 - The Great Mountainsmith Bag Give Away From Flying With Fish!

Happy Flying!


Roland Dobbins said...

The Mountainsmith Correspondent bag looks nice, but it's also quite a bit larger than the maximum allowable dimensions for carry-ons put forth by many non-US airlines.

flyingfish said...


If you look at the size restrictions of a large number of airlines flying in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Pacific, you will clearly see that the Mountainsmith Correspondent is well under the limitations of all international airlines. When an airline puts out size restrictions in addition to the LxWxH of a bag they also do 'linear size' of a bag.

While at JFK Airport a week ago I departed from Terminal 4,which primarily handles international airlines. I walked around and placed the Correspondent in a number of baggage templates (I had to ask two airlines to see if they had them) and it fit in each and every template. These airlines included Aer Lingus, KLM, Air Jamaica Air India and Emirates. I know from experience with the bag that it is legal on KLM, Asian and Air China (and technically Air China's carry on restriction is 7x15x21).

If you carefully look at the numbers, they are all pretty much the same, but the proportions are moved from one side to another. An example if this is Lufthansa being 8x16x22 while KLM is 10x14x22. The linear dimensions of the bags are identical.

The following are the dimensions of the Mountainsmith Correspondent 8.5'' x 14.5'' x 21''

United Airlines (UA) 9L x 14W x 22H
US Airways (US) 11L x14W x 26H
**US Airways Express (USX) 11L x 15W x 19H
Delta Airlines (DL) 9L x 14W x 22H
American Airlines (AA) 9L x 14W x 22H
JetBlue (B6) 10L x 16W x 24H
**JetBlue (B6) "Personal Item" 8L x 15W x 18H
Southwest Airlines (WN) 10L x 16W x 24H
Continental Airlines (CO) 11L x 14W x 26H
Air Canada (AC) 9L x 15.5W x 21.5H
**Air Canada (AC) "Personal Item" 6L x 13W x 17H
WestJet (M3) 9L x 15.5W x 21.5H

British Airways (BA) 8L x 16W x 22H
**BA Connect (TH) 10L x 18W x 22H
**BA Connect (TH) "Personal Item" 6L x 13W x 17H
Virgin Atlantic (VS) 9L x 14W x 22H
BMI (BD) 9L x17W x 22H
BMI Baby (WW) 7.5L x 15W x 21H (*WW has NO weight limit!**)
Ryanair (FR) 7.5L x 15W x 21H
EasyJet (EZ) 7.5L x 15W x 21H

Lufthansa (LH) 8L x 16W 22H
KLM (KL) 10L x 14W x 22H
Air France (AF) 9L x 15W x 22H
Alitalia (AZ) 10L x 14W x 18H
Scandinavian Airlines / SAS (SK) 9L x 18W x 22H
SWISS (LX) 7.8L x 15.7W x 21.6H

Japan Airlines / JAL (JL) 9L x 14W x 22H
JALWays (JO) 8L x 14W x 18H
All Nippon Airways / ANA (NH) 10L x 12W x 19H
Asiana (OZ) 9L x 14W x 22H
Korean Air (KE) 9L x 14W x 22H
Air New Zealand (NZ) 10L x 12W x 21H
Qantas (QF) 10L x 13W x 22H
Virgin Blue (DJ) 9L x 13W x 18H