06 August 2008

British Government Seeks To Access Airline PNRs As Its New Passport Fails Security Tests

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6/08/2008 – British Government Seeks To Access Airline PNRs As Its New Passport Fails Security Tests

As security tightens around the world the British government is now seeking to gain access to airline Passenger-Name-Records (PNRs) as a method of tracking criminals.

Under the current European Union (EU) law, governments may only use PNRs when actively investigating terrorist threats or for the investigation of organized crime. The British Government, while a member of the EU is not a "Schengen Country" (referring to the Schengen Agreement among European nations) which may end up playing a factor in their argument with the EU over their desire to use PNR numbers to track passengers.

To further track those traveling, passengers the British Government is also considering seeking access to PNR information related to domestic passengers as well. As photo identification is not required at all British airports for domestic travel, the British Government may want to try improving some basic security measures before leaping into complex security measures for the identification of those flying within the United Kingdom.

The British Government's request to access PNR information comes at the same time The Times of London reported that the UK's new "fake proof" ePassport could be cloned in minutes. The cloning of the ePassports RFID chips is being reported just a few days after it was reported that 3,000 blank British passports were stolen.

For more information on the cloning of the British ePassport check out today's story at the TimesOnline here:

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