06 August 2008

The Price Of Airline Deregulation Explained By AeroChannel

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6/08/2008 - The Price Of Airline Deregulation Explained By AeroChannel

Over the past few weeks I have been putting together information related to the costs of airline travel, the intricate nature of why airlines can and can't fly certain routes and the state of the US airline industry. I had been planning on continuing to research the relative costs of airline travel; however this afternoon AeroChannel.com posted a feature story that saved me a lot of legwork and a lot of research.

Quite frankly, I think AeroChannel.com's "The Price of Deregulation" as written by Cindy Hernandez is a far better and more detailed than anything I would have written. So rather than try and create an inferior article, I'd rather you all go and read her feature story instead.

You can find "The Price of Deregulation" at this direct link:

.....now back to researching other topics, since AeroChannel.com has this one covered.

Happy Flying!

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